Stone Pelters in Kashmir

The government of India accuses a ISI – LAKSHAR plan  behind the stone pelting of security forces in Kashmir .

Doesn’t this sound like a convenient claim to wish away the poor human rights condition in the state . It is just raising a convenient bogey man to divert attention from the real problem .   This is eerily the  same phraseology used  by Pakistan . Pakistan regularly sees a MOSSAD-CIA-RAW hand in every disturbance in the country. Poor governance and atrocities committed by security forces in the name of keeping peace have alienated kashmiris from the India .

There is some justification to the point of  security forces .  They face a lot of threat from the stone pelters and militants and are in a ever present state of danger . This makes them prone  to react in a heavy handed manner to any threat .

On the other hand for a freedom struggle,  police and the military are fair game . Howver this is only as long as  it doesn’t take the form of killing or driving away the minorities/ hindus in the valley as happened during the previous Amarnath yatras or the persecution of Kashmiri pandits during the last decade.

The militancy would have got more support if it didn’t  attack  civilian targets and if its members were   of predominantly kashmiri stock . The security forces would have got more sympathy if they didn’t commit so many atrocities against the native kashmiris .

There have been faults on both sides and it is the peace loving kashmiri who suffers . The solution to this eternal war appears no where in sight  due to the trust deficit between India Pakistan . Recent parleys between the two nations have concentrated more on terrorism rather than the fate of kashmiris .

An ideal solution satisfying both Indian and kashmiri aspirations would be el a the Ireland situation . The foreign affairs , defense could be managed by India while all other issues remain in the control of kashmir . They could have separate kashmiri teams as well for international sporting events .

Hopefully cooler heads would prevail and both the stone pelters as well as security forces stop provacating the other side and stop the cascading violence .

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