God is dead , long live God

May 1, 2011

So one self titled god  Puttabarthi Sai Baba is dead . This gent proclaimed himself an reincarnation of  another so called god Shiridi Sai Baba . A phenomenon he is with a devotee following in the millions . He had visitors and devotees from the prime ministers, presidents  of the country to UN officials to famous sportsmen .

In this day and age of modern technology, it is indeed highly remarkable that one could call himself god and get away with it . Or did he really get away . It is in common public knowledge that the famous illusionist P.C.Sorkar Jr  emulated before an audience all the so called miracles this person performed . Numerous videos surfaced of the miracles he performed

This person supposedly became so convinced of his own divinity that he predicted he will live till 96 years . Well he was close,  missed it only by a decade .  His devotees now wait for his next reincarnation as prem sai baba from a village in karnataka .So continues the god business .

The god is dead  , long live the new god and so continues the delusion .